Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels Services Programs for Elderly

Meals on Wheels are programs run by nonprofits that deliver meals to elderly who are experiencing hunger or are at risk of experiencing hunger due to their ages, health, or low income.

The oldest and largest national nonprofit organization Meals on Wheels Association of America coordinates community based Meals on Wheels programs in all 50 U.S. States.

There are many other nonprofit organizations that provide Meals on Wheels type delivery of food to home bound individuals that are mostly local like Citymeals-on -Wheels which is serving New York area.


In general, to receive Meals on Wheels service individuals must be unable to meet their basic nutritional needs, unable to leave the home without assistance, and have no reliable means to obtaining their daily meals. Applicants must reside in the Meals on Wheels service area of the organization providing the meals.

How to Apply

To apply for meals on wheels services contact a service provider in your area.
You can use Eldercare Locator, a public service of the U.S. Administration on Aging, or speak with Information Specialist by calling 800-677-1116.