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Cars4Christmas Charity

Cars 4 Christmas was started as a not for profit organization to provide charity cars primarily to disadvantaged families, individuals, people with disabilities, and veterans.

Cars 4 Christmas recognizes that a large part of the population with a need for basic transportation resides in rural and suburban areas. In most of those places, community transportation is limited. People still need transportation to find a job or go for medical treatment.  That is where Cars 4 Christmas car charity comes in.

It gives free charity cars all year round to qualifying less fortunate families and individuals and using Christmas to raise public awareness of their car donations charitable cause. Currently, the organization is expanding nationwide with the Cars4Heroes program to help veterans and their families.

Who may be eligible for a free car from Cars4Christmas?

Disadvantaged Individuals or families who are going through a difficult time, need basic transportation, and are not able to obtain a car on their own are encouraged to apply.

How to apply for a car with Cars4Christmas?

You can apply by completing the required information on their website here:

Cars 4 Christmas encourages all applicants to submit a story explaining why do they need a free car and how could it change their life.

Selected applicants are notified by Cars 4 Christmas selection committee and invited for a personal interview regarding their application.

According to Cars 4 Christmas website, they receive about 15,000 applications per year and are giving away 300 charity cars each year.

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