Special Milk Program

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Special Milk Program for Children

Agency: USDA
Office: Food and Nutrition Service

Special Milk Program for Children grants is made available to State agencies to encourage and offer fluid milk to children in public and private nonprofit schools, child-care centers, summer camps, and public and private nonprofit nursery schools.

Basically the program offers reimbursement of half-pints of milk served to needy and non-needy children in the listed type of schools and institutions at the rate specified by law.

Any public and nonprofit private school that does not participate in a federally funded meal service program may participate in the Special Milk Program for Children and use the grants to pay for served milk.

All schools and child care institutions in which participants must agree to operate the program on a nonprofit basis for all children without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, age or disability.

Who are the Beneficiaries?

Any child enrolled in a school or institution in which the Special Milk Program is offered and who does not have access to other Child Nutrition Programs may participate in the program.

How to Apply?

You can apply for the Special Milk Program for your kids directly at the school they attend. Please, first contact your child’s school, camp, or child care institution to find out if it participates in the Special Milk Program. You can get information about the Special Milk Program from your State education agency as well. The Food and Nutrition Service provides program and state contact information here.

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