Child Care Food Program

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Child Care Food Program run by Food and Nutrition Service – USDA

What are the federal programs offering Child Care and Food assistance?

Child and Adult Care Food Program

Agency: USDA
Office: Food and Nutrition Service

The purpose of this US Federal Program is to assist US States through grants and other means in order to help them create and maintain nonprofit food service programs for children, children attending after school care programs in low-income areas, and children residing in emergency shelters. The grants given through this program are used also for the assistance of elderly and impaired adults enrolled in nonresidential daycare facilities.

Who may be eligible to receive grants for the Child Care Food Program?

State agencies that create and maintain nonprofit food service programs and follow the federal guidelines of the Child and Adult Care program.

 Who is the beneficiary of the  Child Care Food Program?

Local agencies and nonprofits running child-care, day-care and outside-school-hours centers under the Child Care Food Program determine eligibility and do the enrollment of the participants.

Children in low-income areas and children residing in emergency shelters are considered categorically eligible for the Child Care Food program. Some of the service centers charge a single fee to recoup some of the cost of the meals, daycare services, however, the majority of these centers offer free meal services such as breakfasts, lunches, snacks, dinners and nutrition supplements.

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How to apply?

Contact your Food and Nutrition State agency to apply, find a daycare home sponsor, or locate a facility that participates.

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