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Free Charity Cars Non-Profit Organization

800-Charity Cars are the first entity in the US to set up car donations and car charity giving across the nation. Currently distributing donated cars as DBA: Free Charity Cars, this 501(C) (3) non-profit organization provides charity cars to struggling families and individuals in need of transportation.

The free car charity program was established to help low income and disadvantaged families in their transition to a more self-sufficient way of life. According to the Free Charity Cars experience with the recipients of the charity cars is that people who have been rewarded with a free car “seem to experience a rebirth of hope and self-esteem leading to renewed energy and ambition to succeed”. In other words, the free charity distribution program established by 800-Charity Cars provides an immediate and dramatic impact on the quality of life of many Americans.

Who may be eligible for Free Charity Car?

Free charity car beneficiaries:

  • Families currently living in transitional shelters
  • Families transitioning from welfare or other public assistance to work
  • People who are poor, currently working and are in need of transportation
  • People who are victims of domestic violence
  • Victims of natural disasters
  • People who have a medical disability and are in need of transportation
  • Military families
  • Non-profit organizations in need of transportation

How to apply for a charity car?

Struggling families and individuals in need of transportation such as a donated used or refurbished car can apply for a free car at:

The website is designed to help applicants go easy through the process of applying and stating their need for a free charity car. At the same time provides the Free Charity Cars with all necessary tools to make the process of choosing who receives a free vehicle as fair as possible. The website has a forum where applicants for free charity cars can engage the support of the public and friends in the process of pursuing the dream of car-ownership.

All willing to help the cause of Free Charity Cars can donate their vehicle and help a struggling family in need of transportation at

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