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Free Charity Cars Given Away by the Free Charity Cars Nonprofit Year Round



Who is Free Charity Cars, and How Can I Get a Free Car?

Free Charity Cars for families and individuals in need of transportation became possible after the founding of the non-profit organization 800-Charity Cars in 1996. The 501(C) (3) non-profit was the first entity in the US to set up car donations and car charity giving free cars nationwide.

Free Charity Cars

Currently distributing donated cars as DBA: Free Charity Cars, this 501(C) (3) non-profit organization provides charity cars to struggling families and individuals needing transportation. Free Charity Cars is one of the top organizations giving free cars to individuals and families year-round, including the Christmas Holiday season. Who doesn’t like to get a free car for Christmas?

From its start, the free car charity program was established to help low-income and disadvantaged families transition to a more self-sufficient way of life. According to the Free Charity Cars experience with the recipients of the charity cars, people who have been rewarded with a free car “seem to experience a rebirth of hope and self-esteem leading to renewed energy and ambition to succeed.”

In other words, the free charity distribution program established by 800-Charity Cars provides an immediate and dramatic impact on the quality of life of many Americans. Free Charity Cars nonprofit is making dreams come true for thousands of low-income individuals, families, veterans, and victims of domestic violence.

How Does Free Charity Car Give Away Work?

The Free Charity Cars organization helps struggling families, individuals, veterans, the military, and other nonprofits obtain free vehicles for necessary transportation. The website allows all needing a car to apply for a charity car and engage with the public to increase their chances of receiving one.

The website also helps the charity identify qualified recipients and match donated vehicles to applicants’ specific needs, creating an online community that offers hope to those in need. The Free Charity Cars applications are not made public and are viewed only by the nonprofit staff.

All applications are reviewed, and when you are selected by the staff of the Free Charity Cars, your story is verified, and the applicant’s info is authenticated to make sure you qualify to get the free vehicle. After the final selection, you will be notified by phone or email.

In recent years the website has evolved into a growing online community that offers compassion and hope to struggling Americans who need transportation.

Are There Free Charity Cars Near Me?

Free Charity Cars is the largest and one of the oldest free nonprofit that accepts car donations in every State and distribute free cars nationwide. When you apply for a free charity car, in the Vehicle Request Form, you must provide your address and the State where you live.

Free Charity Cars Staff will try to match your request to locally donated vehicles. If selected, the local Free Charity Cars Staff will contact you with information about the distribution location and the free charity car near you.

Who May Be Eligible for Free Charity Car?

Free charity car beneficiaries:

  • Families currently living in transitional shelters
  • Families transitioning from welfare or other public assistance to work
  • Poor people currently working and need transportation
  • People who are victims of domestic violence
  • Victims of natural disasters
  • People who have a medical disability and need transportation
  • Veterans and Military families
  • Non-profit organizations in need of transportation

How to Apply for a Free Charity Car?

Struggling families and individuals in need of transportation such as a donated used or refurbished car can apply for a free car at:

The website is designed to help applicants go easy through the process of applying and stating their need for a free charity car. At the same time, it provides Free Charity Cars with all the necessary tools to make choosing who receives a free vehicle as fair as possible.

When on the, click the  APPLY FOR A FREE CAR  button. You will be redirected to the Vehicle Request Form. There is mandatory information you have to provide, like your name, address, date of birth, phone number, and email. Next, you have to make the necessary selections regarding your household and the type of vehicle you are requesting. Before submitting your free car request you can tell your story that brings you to apply for a free charity car.

The website has a forum where applicants for free charity cars can engage the support of the public and friends in the process of pursuing the dream of car ownership.

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