Via Driver Gig


What is Via?

Via is a gig economy company that offers on-demand shared transportation from corner to corner. Like Uber and Lyft, it develops and operates an advanced on-demand platform accessible via its Via website and mobile app. Via offers a gig job for independent contractors to work as a driver using their own or a rented car. The car must be listed as qualifying Via car or must be approved by Via since the list on their website is not comprehensive. As a Via Driver, you can to earn by giving shared rides to passengers who need low-cost transportation on-demand. Via pays your earnings through direct deposits to your bank checking account. Via has very basic requirements and very easy signup. Via has great ratings as a gig company that pays high hourly compensation to its drivers in the cities it operates.

Why Do People Drive for Via?

People take a gig job with Via mostly for the money they can make.  Studies show that you can make more money with Via than with Lyft or Uber, but you have to give up some of the schedule flexibility that the last two offer. Another reason is that Via concept corner-to-corner rideshare normally operates in areas where there is a high demand for low-cost rideshare transportation. That help drivers make very high utilization rate of their cars and rides. Via drivers are getting higher earnings by putting fewer miles on their cars. An attractive proposition for any gig rideshare driver and a good reason to try it our where Via rideshare job is available.

How Much Can You Make Driving for Via?

The best Via driver earnings recorded come from a study released in 2018 by the New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission. By taking a gig job in NYC with Via rideshare you can make on average $21.73 per hour after expenses. This turns out to be 35% more of what Uber drivers make and 43% more of Lyft drivers’ earnings per hour. Indeed hourly salary report for Via drivers in the U.S.A. shows an average or $14.07 – as reported by Via drivers. Driving for Via rideshare company in Chicago, you can make $20+/hr in peak hours according to Via website. You get paid by the hour not by the ride – in other words, if you a logged in to drive you are to get paid by Via regardless if you have riders.

What Do You Need to Drive for Via?

To get a gig job with Via, you must be at least 21 years old and have at least one-year driving history in the U.S. Local jurisdiction where Via rideshare operates may have additional requirements for this gig job. For example, in NYC to drive for Via, you must have a TLC license. Also, you need to have 4-door vehicle eligible for driving for Via rideshare. A Via criminal background check, driver license, required insurance, and a current smartphone able to handle the Via app are also requirements. Via offers eligible vehicle rent to drivers who want to take the Via gig job but do not have a qualifying car or do not want to use theirs. Keep in mind that Via rideshare operates in selected cities and areas only. Check Via website for most up to date info including all current driver signup promotions and incentives.

How Much Does It Cost to Start the Via Driver Gig?

Applying for a gig job as a driver with Via Transportation, like applying with other rideshare companies, does not cost you anything unless you need to rent a Via eligible car in order to start. Via Transportation offers vehicle renting and leasing options through their partners. If you bring your own car the cost of the insurance and the car are most likely already incurred. You may have to consider the cost of an updated smartphone with a data plan and the locally required business licenses. For better road safety Via requires a phone mount, and of course, you will need a car charger. You can get both for less than $20 from Amazon for example.


Are You Ready to Drive for Via?

Via Driver Job

Via Gig Job Description: 

Rideshare Driver Selected Cities Only

  • Drive ViaBlue Mode – earn hourly rates driving rideshare
  • Drive ViaFLex – give rideshare rides with guaranteed rates
  • Drive ViaCombo – combine Flex and Blue and make more

Via Driver Earnings:

$21.73 an hour after expenses “2018 NYC TLC survey”

$14.07 an hour average “2019 Indeed reported”

Via Driver Requirements:

  • Via Driver must be at least 21 years old
  • Must have a valid U.S. driver’s license
  • 1-year history as U.S. licensed driver
  • Social Security Card
  • Must have Via qualifying vehicle
  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Driver’s vehicle must pass a safety inspection
  • Pass Via criminal background check
  • A business license where required
  • TNC/TLC license

Via Driver Job Type:

  • Part-Time – work 5 hours and get guaranteed pay
  • Full Time – max 12 hours per shift

Via Driver Activities/Tasks:

  • Use Via rideshare platform app to transport passengers sharing the same ride by using your or a rented Via eligible car

Via Driver Required Experience:

  • 21 years old at least to apply for Via Driver, and
  • Have 1 year U.S. driver license history
  • Meet all other local requirements to drive

Via Driver Work Locations:

Selected cities and areas where Via rideshare currently operates



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