How to Apply for Alaska Food Stamp Benefits?

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Alaska Food Stamps (SNAP Benefits) Application

To apply for Alaska Food Stamp Benefits you can call or go to your local Alaska Public Assistance District Office  and ask for the Food Stamp Benefit application form.

You can also print the Alaska Food  Stamp Benefits application from the website of Alaska Division of Public Assistance.

To get started, complete your name, address, sign your Food Stamp Benefits application, and turn it into the local Public Assistance Office where you live.

A Public Assistance Office worker has to interview you to decide if you are eligible for benefits.

There are certain requirements for eligibility all applicants must meet in order to get approved for Food Stamp Benefits. For example, Alaska residency is a requirement for applicants and beneficiaries.

All applicants and beneficiaries must be living in the State of Alaska in order to qualify and receive Food Stamp Benefits from Alaska.

Learn more about the general and specific Alaska Food Stamp Benefits eligibility requirements.

After review of your application and all required supporting documents you will be told if you qualify and how much is the monthly food stamp benefit.


I Need Food Stamp Benefits and Food Assistance Now. It is an Emergency!

Some households may get Expedited Services for Food Stamp Benefit assistance in Alaska if they meet certain criteria. Alaska food stamps application can be accelerated if the household is considered to be in an emergency situation.

You can start getting Food Stamp Benefits within 7 calendar days if your household:

  1. has less than $150 in monthly gross income,
  2. and liquid resources (cash, checking or savings accounts) of $100 or less; or

Your rent/mortgage and utilities are more than your household’s combined monthly income and liquid resources, or a member of your household is a migrant or seasonal farm worker.

Call 907-465-3347 for more information on Alaska Food Stamp Benefits Program.

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Approx. of the total Alaska population received Food Stamp Benefits in 2018

Recipients in June, 2018 of Food Stamps (SNAP) Benefits in Alaska

Recipients in June, 2017 of Food Stamp (SNAP) Benefits in Alaska

Alaska Food Assistance Benefits

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