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Section 8 Alaska Housing Vouchers

Alaska Housing Vouchers are part of Section 8 Housing Program which is a federally funded rental assistance set of subprograms for low-income families, disabled persons, and the elderly.

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Section 8 Housing Program for the State of Alaska is administered by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC).

Alaska Section 8 rental assistance helps eligible low-income families by subsidizing their rental housing of choice through the Alaska Housing Vouchers.

The Alaska Housing Vouchers help low-income families and individuals broaden their housing options in the private rental market.

Income eligibility limits and benefits levels are based on local median income and local housing costs but are set largely at the federal level with limited local discretion.

Income requirements are set generally as less than 50% of Area Median Income (AMI), but can be up to 80% in some cases. Seventy-five percent of the newly issued vouchers must go to families with incomes below 30% of the Area Median Income.

Alaska families whose income is at or below 50% of the Area Median Income are encouraged to apply at any AHFC voucher program location.

Usually, the applicants are placed by the AHFC on a waiting list until Alaska Housing Vouchers become available.

Alaska Section 8 Program income requirements are set by the HUD and are based on family size and the Area Median Income of the community where the family resides.

Depending on the family size and their income the subsidy portion of the rental assistance is calculated and a voucher is issued by the AHFC directly to the landlord.

Current recipients maintain vouchers until their income reaches a level at which the value of their housing subsidy is reduced to $0.00 – all housing subsidies are calculated based on family income, housing costs, and other factors.

For specifics on the eligibility of low-income Alaska residents for Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher please, check with Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC).

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