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Alabama housing assistance includes numerous federally and state funded programs specifically designed to help its residents with various housing needs.

Alabama Section 8 Program

Section 8 Housing Program was created to help low-income families and individuals get needed housing financial assistance. Housing Choice Vouchers are funded by federal grants and provided to eligible Alabama residents that need affordable Alabama housing.

Beneficiaries can use vouchers to get affordable, safe, and sanitary Alabama housing by choosing a housing unit that is approved under the Section 8 Program.

Learn more about the type of Housing Choice Vouchers and how to apply in Alabama.

Alabama Housing Choice Vouchers


Public Housing

Another housing option for a low-income household in Alabama is housing developments owned, managed, and maintained by the local Public Housing Agencies (PHA). Rental rates are controlled and established by the local PHA withing the HUD income limits and guidelines.

Low rent public housing units are offered to eligible low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Find more and search for Alabama subsidized and low-rent apartments here.

Alabama Low-Rent Apartments


Hardest Hit Fund

The latest economic and housing crisis hit very hard Alabama and the State was included in the Hardest Hit Fund – a federal fund authorized under the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.

To help financially distressed homeowners facing foreclosures in Alabama the Federal Government allocated $162 million under the Hardest Hit Fund Program to the State.

Find more about Hardest Hit Alabama (HHA) program and how it helps affected homeowners get back on their feet.

Hardest Hit Alabama (HHA)


Making Home Affordable

Making Home Affordable is another federal program designed to cover different homeowners’ hardships and financial situations. The program provides different options that can help Alabama homeowners in hardship stay in their homes.

One option of Making Home Affordable program helps qualified homeowners lower their monthly payments, another just lower their interest rates on their home loan.

More about all foreclosure alternatives at Making Home Affordable page.



Grants for Housing and Community Development from HUD

HUD does not provide grants directly to individuals who are looking to benefit from Alabama housing options. But each year, HUD does provide grants to governments, nonprofits, and other eligible grantees who administer various housing and community development programs that individuals may qualify for. To find out if there is currently available any housing or homeownership assistance, or assistance to have your home repaired or rehabilitated, you may qualify for, contact the following HUD grantees in Alabama:

Recipients of Community Development Block Grants
Recipients of HOME Program Grants

Alabama Homeless Service Organizations

Alabama Low-Rent Appartments

Find more and search for Alabama subsidized and low-rent apartments here.