Wyoming Food Stamps Stores Near You

Wyoming Food Retailers Accepting EBT Card

Find Wyoming Food Stamps Stores near you, where Wyoming Food Stamps recipients of SNAP assistance can buy the food they need using their Wyoming Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card.

Use our Helping Americans Find Help™ retailer locator to search by zip code, city, county, address, or store name for Wyoming Food Stamps Stores near your location.


Store NameAddressCityStateZipCounty
Dollar Tree 35844037 E Grand AveLaramieWY82070ALBANY
Kum & Go 964569 N 3rd StLaramieWY82072ALBANY
Big Kmart 9792750 N 3rd StLaramieWY82072ALBANY
Wal-Mart SC 14124308 E Grand AveLaramieWY82070ALBANY
Papa Murphys2111 E Grand AveLaramieWY82070ALBANY
SAFEWAY 2466554 N 3rd StLaramieWY82072ALBANY
Loaf N Jug 122818 S 3rd StLaramieWY82070ALBANY
Loaf N Jug 1232318 E Grand AveLaramieWY82070ALBANY
Wheelers Market114 S 4th StreetBasinWY82410BIG HORN
Maverik 222524 N 6th StGreybullWY82426BIG HORN
Maverik 270217 W Main StLovellWY82431BIG HORN
Family Dollar Store 8883320 E Main StLovellWY82431BIG HORN
Family Dollar Store 10817332 6th Ave NGreybullWY82426BIG HORN
Rons Food Farm909 N 6th StGreybullWY82426BIG HORN
Albertsons 20672610 S Douglas HwyGilletteWY82718CAMPBELL
Dons Supermarket Inc 10105 Wright BlvdWrightWY82732CAMPBELL
Family Dollar Store 7256700 S Douglas HwyGilletteWY82716CAMPBELL
Dollar Tree 35672005 S Douglas HwyGilletteWY82718CAMPBELL
Dons Supermarket 91501 W 2nd StGilletteWY82716CAMPBELL
Maverik 165308 W Lakeway RdGilletteWY82718CAMPBELL
Maverik 2821616 E US Highway 14-16GilletteWY82716CAMPBELL
Maverik, Inc 4764301 S Douglas HwyGilletteWY82718CAMPBELL
Oodles701 N Hwy 14/16GilletteWY82716CAMPBELL
Franz Bakery Outlet 90753803 S Douglas HwyGilletteWY82718CAMPBELL
Kum & Go 959719 N US Highway 14-16GilletteWY82716CAMPBELL
Kum & Go 9601504 E US Highway 14-16GilletteWY82716CAMPBELL
Kum & Go 961310 Skyline DrGilletteWY82718CAMPBELL
Big Kmart 48632150 S Douglas HwyGilletteWY82718CAMPBELL
Papa Murphys Pizza2126 S Douglas HwyGilletteWY82718CAMPBELL
Wal-Mart 14852300 S Douglas HwyGilletteWY82718CAMPBELL
Walgreens 079282000 S Douglas HwyGilletteWY82718CAMPBELL
Loaf N Jug 149401 S Douglas HwyGilletteWY82716CAMPBELL
Loaf N Jug 1622800 S Douglas HwyGilletteWY82718CAMPBELL
Family Dollar Store 55991016 W Spruce StRawlinsWY82301CARBON
Kum & Go 970312 S 1st StSaratogaWY82331CARBON
Family Dollar Store 8433215 N 1st StSaratogaWY82331CARBON
Alco Discount Store 163502 N Higley BlvdRawlinsWY82301CARBON
Dollar Tree 52662201 Cedar STRawlinsWY82301CARBON
Shopko Hometown 7542100 E Cedar StRawlinsWY82301CARBON
WALMART SuperCenter 44712390 E Cedar StRawlinsWY82301CARBON
Kum & Go 9661115 N Higley BlvdRawlinsWY82301CARBON
Stage Stop General Store200 N Penland StBaggsWY82321CARBON
Valley Foods1120 1st StSaratogaWY82331CARBON
City Market 412602 N Higley BlvdRawlinsWY82301CARBON
Loaf N Jug 124902 W Spruce StRawlinsWY82301CARBON
Family Dollar Store 7112817 S 4th StDouglasWY82633CONVERSE
Maverik 2961108 W Yellowstone HwyDouglasWY82633CONVERSE
Shopko Hometown 7581950 E Richards StDouglasWY82633CONVERSE
Douglas Grocery130 S 4th StDouglasWY82633CONVERSE
Loaf N Jug 125714 S 4th StDouglasWY82633CONVERSE
SAFEWAY 04671900 E Richards StDouglasWY82633CONVERSE
Glenrock Super Foods 506218 W Cedar StGlenrockWY82637CONVERSE
Paradise Foods114 Pine Haven RdPine HavenWY82721CROOK
Fresh Start-Sundance 012522 ClevelandSundanceWY82729CROOK
Deckers Market DN4106 N 7th StSundanceWY82729CROOK
Diehls Supermarket109 N Bighorn StMoorcroftWY82721CROOK
Corner Market156 Main StHulettWY82720CROOK
The Kinnear Store11519 US Highway 26KinnearWY82516FREMONT
Grahams Gluten Free Foods414 E Main StRivertonWY82501FREMONT
Walgreens 10466845 N Federal BlvdRivertonWY82501FREMONT
Wind River Smoke Shop10369 State Highway 789RivertonWY82501FREMONT
Riverton Papa Murphys Inc1020 N Federal BlvdRivertonWY82501FREMONT
Family Dollar Store 6809225 Grandview DrLanderWY82520FREMONT
Family Dollar Store 7046514 E Pershing AveRivertonWY82501FREMONT
Safeway 27611165 E Main StLanderWY82520FREMONT
Maverik 389135 E Main StLanderWY82520FREMONT
Maverik 1921604 W Main StRivertonWY82501FREMONT
Maverik 193601 S Federal BlvdRivertonWY82501FREMONT
Alco Discount Store 157275 Grandview DrLanderWY82520FREMONT
Family Dollar 9091808 Ramshorn StDuboisWY82513FREMONT
Dollar Tree 35371004 N Federal BlvdRivertonWY82501FREMONT
Shopko Hometown 7561255 Main StLanderWY82520FREMONT
Big Kmart 48371960 N Federal BlvdRivertonWY82501FREMONT
Wal-Mart SC 14571733 N Federal BlvdRivertonWY82501FREMONT
Dubois Super Foods Inc610 W Ramshorn StDuboisWY82513FREMONT
Loaf N Jug 155195 Main StLanderWY82520FREMONT
Loaf N Jug 156305 N Federal BlvdRivertonWY82501FREMONT
Crowheart Store8526 US Highway 26CrowheartWY82512FREMONT
Fast Lane Inc110 W 2nd StShoshoniWY82649FREMONT
Smiths Food & Drug Center 1831200 W Main StRivertonWY82501FREMONT
Little Wind C-Store - Ethete Store693 Blue Sky HwyLanderWY82520FREMONT
Hines General Store14597 US Highway 287Fort WashakieWY82514FREMONT
SAFEWAY 0461708 N Federal BlvdRivertonWY82501FREMONT
Clarks Meat House Inc101 W Fremont AveRivertonWY82501FREMONT
Mr Ds Food Center725 Main StLanderWY82520FREMONT
Schwans Home Service Riverton Depot608 S 6th St ERivertonWY82501FREMONT
Family Dollar Store 7143740 E Valley RdTorringtonWY82240GOSHEN
Maverik 293500 E Valley RdTorringtonWY82240GOSHEN
Shopko Hometown 7521100 E Valley RdTorringtonWY82240GOSHEN
Thrifty's Gas & Liquor 1219 W 20th AveTorringtonWY82240GOSHEN
Main Street Market1542 Main StTorringtonWY82240GOSHEN
Kellys Super1042 S Main StTorringtonWY82240GOSHEN
Blairs Market600 S 6th StThermopolisWY82443HOT SPRINGS
Family Dollar Store 8329514 S 6th StThermopolisWY82443HOT SPRINGS
Maverik 187425 S 6th StThermopolisWY82443HOT SPRINGS
Reese And Rays IGA225 S 4th StThermopolisWY82443HOT SPRINGS
Shopko Hometown 762142 Us Highway 20 SThermopolisWY82443HOT SPRINGS
Family Dollar Store 7285307 E Hart StBuffaloWY82834JOHNSON
CPI Zip Trip 60501 E Hart StBuffaloWY82834JOHNSON
Reese & Rays IGA Of Buffalo440 Fort StBuffaloWY82834JOHNSON
Maverik 42274 US Highway 16 EBuffaloWY82834JOHNSON
Kaycee General Store102 Park AveKayceeWY82639JOHNSON
Shopko Hometown 764129 Harmony StBuffaloWY82834JOHNSON
Kum & Go 953109 N Main StBuffaloWY82834JOHNSON
DJs Thriftway Inc895 Fort StBuffaloWY82834JOHNSON
Walgreens 095481501 Dell Range BlvdCheyenneWY82009LARAMIE
Dollar Tree 26973725 E LincolnwayCheyenneWY82001LARAMIE
Target Stores T- 02241708 Dell Range BlvdCheyenneWY82009LARAMIE
Albertsons 20653355 E Pershing BlvdCheyenneWY82001LARAMIE
Albertsons 20665800 Yellowstone RdCheyenneWY82009LARAMIE
Sams Club 64301948 Dell Range BlvdCheyenneWY82009LARAMIE
Family Dollar Store 57301305 S Greeley HwyCheyenneWY82007LARAMIE
Family Dollar Store 59013421 E LincolnwayCheyenneWY82001LARAMIE
Natural Grocers By Vitamin Cottage5116 Frontier Mall DrCheyenneWY82009LARAMIE
Loves Travel Stop 2203305 W College DrCheyenneWY82007LARAMIE
Oroweat Corner Store 1206 Van Lennen AveCheyenneWY82007LARAMIE
Community Action Of Laramie County1 Depot PlazaCheyenneWY82001LARAMIE
Snyder Food & Gas Inc2100 Snyder AveCheyenneWY82001LARAMIE
Diamond Shamrock Corner Store 45453306 W College DrCheyenneWY82007LARAMIE
Pablos416 Central AveCheyenneWY82007LARAMIE
Albins Mini Market118 Cheyenne AveAlbinWY82050LARAMIE
Maverik 426140 Gardenia DrCheyenneWY82009LARAMIE
Crystals One Stop Inc314 Dell Range BlvdCheyenneWY82009LARAMIE
Kum & Go 9523354 E LincolnwayCheyenneWY82001LARAMIE
Dollar Tree 40355116 Frontier Mall DrCheyenneWY82009LARAMIE
Family Dollar 10489508 Central AveCheyenneWY82007LARAMIE
Big Lots 44413741 E LincolnwayCheyenneWY82001LARAMIE
Loaf N Jug 119534 Vandehei AveCheyenneWY82009LARAMIE
Golden Dragon1605 Seymour AveCheyenneWY82001LARAMIE
Kum & Go 9551617 S Greeley HwyCheyenneWY82007LARAMIE
Kum & Go 956215 E LincolnwayCheyenneWY82001LARAMIE
Kum & Go 9574505 Ridge RdCheyenneWY82001LARAMIE
Big Kmart 38911840 Dell Range BlvdCheyenneWY82009LARAMIE
King Soopers 793702 Dell Range BlvdCheyenneWY82009LARAMIE
Loaf N Jug 1954373 E LincolnwayCheyenneWY82001LARAMIE
Papa Murphys3201 E Pershing BlvdCheyenneWY82001LARAMIE
Wal-Mart 13152032 Dell Range BlvdCheyenneWY82009LARAMIE
Walgreens 058382302 E LincolnwayCheyenneWY82001LARAMIE
Schwans Home Service Cheyenne Depot1735 Pacific AveCheyenneWY82007LARAMIE
Texas Trail Market305 Elm StPine BluffsWY82082LARAMIE
Loaf N Jug 115820 Randall AveCheyenneWY82001LARAMIE
Loaf N Jug 1923920 E 12th StCheyenneWY82001LARAMIE
Loaf N Jug 1932414 Dell Range BlvdCheyenneWY82009LARAMIE
FE Warren AFB Commissary6205 Missle DrFt Warren AFBWY82005LARAMIE
SAFEWAY 2469469 Cole Shopping CtrCheyenneWY82001LARAMIE
SAFEWAY 2667700 S Greeley HwyCheyenneWY82007LARAMIE
Loaf N Jug 1165539 Yellowstone RdCheyenneWY82009LARAMIE
Loaf N Jug 1181922 E LincolnwayCheyenneWY82001LARAMIE
Loaf N Jug 1941610 S Greeley HwyCheyenneWY82007LARAMIE
Family Dollar Store 6901245 N Washington StAftonWY83110LINCOLN
Etna Trading Company107857 N US Highway 89EtnaWY83118LINCOLN
Family Dollar Store 8435109 Grays River RdAlpineWY83128LINCOLN
Ridleys Family Markets 1163620 Pine AveKemmererWY83101LINCOLN
Maverik 355391 S Washington StAftonWY83110LINCOLN
Maverik 235521 Coral StKemmererWY83101LINCOLN
Maverik 276160 N Main StThayneWY83127LINCOLN
Alco Discount Store 1891017 Spring Valley AveDiamondvilleWY83116LINCOLN
Broulims Afton 12141 N Washington StAftonWY83110LINCOLN
Alpine Market 14100 Greys River RoadAlpineWY83128LINCOLN
Family Dollar 9163520 E Pine AveKemmererWY83101LINCOLN
Family Dollar 11289440 N Main StThayneWY83127LINCOLN
Kum & Go 9631209 Beech AveKemmererWY83101LINCOLN
Valley Market118 Petersen PkwyThayneWY83127LINCOLN
Wal-Mart SC 37784255 CY AveCasperWY82604NATRONA
Target Stores T- 0164401 SE Wyoming BlvdCasperWY82609NATRONA
Albertsons 20622625 E 2nd StCasperWY82609NATRONA
Albertsons 20601076 CY AveCasperWY82604NATRONA
Papa Murphys201 S Montana AveCasperWY82609NATRONA
Sams Club 64254600 E 2nd StCasperWY82609NATRONA
Family Dollar Store 57674749 W Yellowstone HwyMillsWY82604NATRONA
Family Dollar Store 6081723 CY AveCasperWY82601NATRONA
CPI Zip Trip 673476 E 2nd StCasperWY82609NATRONA
CPI Zip Trip 681232 E 12th StCasperWY82601NATRONA
Brattis Meat Market939 E 2nd StCasperWY82601NATRONA
Natural Grocers By Vitamin Cottage3650 E 2nd StCasperWY82609NATRONA
Dollar Tree Store 32882101 E 12th StCasperWY82601NATRONA
Grant Street Grocery And Market815 Grant AveCasperWY82601NATRONA
Mountain View Conoco5076 W Yellowstone HwyCasperWY82604NATRONA
Dollar Tree 38514045 CY AveCasperWY82604NATRONA
Big D Oil 19265 Lewis StMidwestWY82643NATRONA
Casper Farmers Market315 N Wolcott StCasperWY82601NATRONA
Max's706 N Center StCasperWY82601NATRONA
Ridley's Family Markets 1132300 Se Wyoming BlvdCasperWY82609NATRONA
Ridley's Family Markets 11331375 Cy AveCasperWY82604NATRONA
Kum & Go 9541455 S McKinley StCasperWY82601NATRONA
Kum & Go 958PO Box 1150EvansvilleWY82636NATRONA
Loaf N Jug 1311510 Centennial CtCasperWY82602NATRONA
Big Kmart 47364000 E 2nd StCasperWY82609NATRONA
Wal-Mart SC 16174400 E 2nd StCasperWY82609NATRONA
Walgreens 07462190 SE Wyoming BlvdCasperWY82609NATRONA
Walgreens 076011071 CY AveCasperWY82604NATRONA
Loaf N Jug 1064380 S Poplar StCasperWY82601NATRONA
Loaf N Jug 1144603 W Yellowstone HwyMillsWY82604NATRONA
Loaf N Jug 1113830 E 2nd StCasperWY82609NATRONA
Loaf N Jug 12759 S CurtisEvansvilleWY82636NATRONA
Homax Oil Sales 21001 E 2nd StCasperWY82601NATRONA
Smiths Food & Drug Center 1852405 CY AveCasperWY82604NATRONA
Schwans Home Service Casper Depot2188 Oil DrCasperWY82604NATRONA
Loaf N Jug 102933 N Center StCasperWY82601NATRONA
Loaf N Jug 103285 Honeysuckle StCasperWY82604NATRONA
Loaf N Jug 1042400 CY AveCasperWY82604NATRONA
Loaf N Jug 1091199 S Beverly StCasperWY82609NATRONA
Loaf N Jug 1051900 E 2nd StCasperWY82601NATRONA
Loaf N Jug 107703 N McKinley StCasperWY82601NATRONA
Homax Oil Sales 1400 Salt Creek HwyMillsWY82644NATRONA
Common Cents Food Store 20460 SE Wyoming BlvdCasperWY82609NATRONA
Loaf N Jug 1103597 Salt Creek HwyCasperWY82601NATRONA
Weinrichs Frozen Food Lockers Inc412 E 5th StCasperWY82601NATRONA
Loaf N Jug 130938 S Poplar StCasperWY82601NATRONA
Family Dollar 101121103 Thompson StLuskWY82225NIOBRARA
Fresh Start Convenience Store 13301 South Main StreetLuskWY82225NIOBRARA
Deckers Food Center405 S Main StLuskWY82225NIOBRARA
Albertsons 20611825 17th StCodyWY82414PARK
Papa Murphys1901 17th StCodyWY82414PARK
Family Dollar Store 7083474 Mountain View StPowellWY82435PARK
Big Kmart 97512121 17th StCodyWY82414PARK
Walgreens 123781585 Sheridan AveCodyWY82414PARK
Maverik 2021802 17th StCodyWY82414PARK
Maverik 3632321 Big Horn AveCodyWY82414PARK
Maverik 346819 E Coulter AvePowellWY82435PARK
Dollar Tree 3679532 Yellowstone AveCodyWY82414PARK
Mr D's Foodcenter Inc Powell421 E 1st StPowellWY82435PARK
Zero Box Inc528 15th StCodyWY82414PARK
Shopko Hometown 7721005 W Coulter AvePowellWY82435PARK
Wal-Mart SC 1778321 Yellowstone AveCodyWY82414PARK
Blairs Market331 W Coulter AvePowellWY82435PARK
Schwans Home Service Powell Depot 00270555 S Absaroka StPowellWY82435PARK
Family Dollar Store 69711303 16th StWheatlandWY82201PLATTE
Thrifty Foods702 10th StWheatlandWY82201PLATTE
Maverik 3911650 South StWheatlandWY82201PLATTE
Thrifty Foods452 W Whalen StGuernseyWY82214PLATTE
Shopko Hometown 7551701 16th StWheatlandWY82201PLATTE
SAFEWAY 24621307 16th StWheatlandWY82201PLATTE
Walgreens 095471766 Coffeen AveSheridanWY82801SHERIDAN
Buckhorn GroceryPO Box 878RanchesterWY82839SHERIDAN
Albertsons 20641865 Coffeen AveSheridanWY82801SHERIDAN
Family Dollar Store 7307400 Broadway StSheridanWY82801SHERIDAN
Papa Murphys Pizza WY0041115 Coffeen AveSheridanWY82801SHERIDAN
Maverik 1351571 N Main StSheridanWY82801SHERIDAN
Maverik 3441242 E Brundage LnSheridanWY82801SHERIDAN
Dollar Tree 37262220 Coffeen AveSheridanWY82801SHERIDAN
Common Cents Travel Plaza 2102617 N Main StSheridanWY82801SHERIDAN
Clear Creek Stop1620 Clear Creek AveClearmontWY82835SHERIDAN
Ridley's Family Markets 1130169 Coffeen AveSheridanWY82801SHERIDAN
Holiday Stationstore 80936 E Brundage LnSheridanWY82801SHERIDAN
Holiday Stationstore 290812 N Main StSheridanWY82801SHERIDAN
Big Kmart 90742571 N Main StSheridanWY82801SHERIDAN
Wal-Mart SC 15081695 Coffeen AveSheridanWY82801SHERIDAN
Warehouse Market Inc1062 E Brundage LnSheridanWY82801SHERIDAN
Schwans Home Service Sheridan Depot 087702048 Val Vista StSheridanWY82801SHERIDAN
Ridleys Family Markets 1153341 E Pine StPinedaleWY82941SUBLETTE
Alco 4156 Crossfire RdPinedaleWY82941SUBLETTE
Family Dollar 9399835 W Pine StPinedaleWY82941SUBLETTE
Loaf N Jug 134109 Highway 189MarbletonWY83113SUBLETTE
Pinedale Super Center 11088 West Pine StPinedaleWY82941SUBLETTE
Burney and Company500 N Nichols StBig PineyWY83113SUBLETTE
Walgreens 0909270 Gateway BlvdRock SpringsWY82901SWEETWATER
Albertsons 3421323 Dewar DrRock SpringsWY82901SWEETWATER
Dollar Tree 28912601 Foothill BlvdRock SpringsWY82901SWEETWATER
Family Dollar Store 6014200 Uinta DrGreen RiverWY82935SWEETWATER
Family Dollar Store 82781333 Dewar DrRock SpringsWY82901SWEETWATER
Papa Murphys Pizza WY0101571 Dewar DrRock SpringsWY82901SWEETWATER
Loves Travel Stop 310314 Kelly RdWamsutterWY82336SWEETWATER
Maverik 34559 Uinta DrGreen RiverWY82935SWEETWATER
Sunmart 5861620 Elk StRock SpringsWY82901SWEETWATER
White Mountain Mall Farmers Market2441 Foothill BlvdRock SpringsWY82901SWEETWATER
Green River Farmers' MarketRoosevelt St.Green RiverWY82935SWEETWATER
Shopko Hometown 7601105 Bridger DrGreen RiverWY82935SWEETWATER
Loaf N Jug 1501310 Dewar DrRock SpringsWY82901SWEETWATER
Loaf N Jug 1512558 Foothill BlvdRock SpringsWY82901SWEETWATER
Loaf N Jug 153895 Uinta DrGreen RiverWY82935SWEETWATER
Loaf N Jug 154515 E Flaming Gorge WayGreen RiverWY82935SWEETWATER
Loaf N Jug 1593036 College DrRock SpringsWY82901SWEETWATER
Kum & Go 967104 Desert BlvdRock SpringsWY82901SWEETWATER
Kum & Go 9682004 Dewar DrRock SpringsWY82901SWEETWATER
Kum & Go 9691520 9th StRock SpringsWY82901SWEETWATER
Big KMart 71072450 Foothill BlvdRock SpringsWY82901SWEETWATER
Wal-Mart SC 1461201 Gateway BlvdRock SpringsWY82901SWEETWATER
Smiths Food & Drug Center 187905 Bridger DrGreen RiverWY82935SWEETWATER
Schwans Home Service Rock Springs Depot213 Industrial DrRock SpringsWY82901SWEETWATER
Loaf N Jug 1521325 Bridger DrGreen RiverWY82935SWEETWATER
Smiths Food & Drug Center 1822531 Foothill BlvdRock SpringsWY82901SWEETWATER
Albertsons 183105 Buffalo WayJacksonWY83001TETON
Big Kmart 7139510 S US Highway 89JacksonWY83002TETON
The Peoples Market275 N Willow DrJacksonWY83001TETON
Jackson Whole Grocer974 W Broadway AveJacksonWY83001TETON
Maverik 353PO Box 11905JacksonWY83002TETON
Dollar Tree Store 2781520 W Broadway AveJacksonWY83001TETON
Alameda 2975 Alpine LnJacksonWY83001TETON
Aguila Mexicana LLC970 W Broadway AveJacksonWY83001TETON
Loaf N Jug 174750 S Hwy 89JacksonWY83001TETON
Jackson Whole Grocer1155 S Hwy 89JacksonWY83001TETON
Lucky's Market 17974 W BroadwayJacksonWY83001TETON
Smiths Food & Drug Center 1841425 S US Highway 89Jackson HoleWY83001TETON
Dollar Tree 4544524 Front StEvanstonWY82930UINTA
Maverik 162535 County RdEvanstonWY82930UINTA
Maverik 284350 Front StEvanstonWY82930UINTA
Maverik 136102 S Main StLymanWY82937UINTA
Maverik 274655 State Highway 414 NMountain ViewWY82939UINTA
Family Dollar 9164991 State Hwy 414Mountain ViewWY82939UINTA
Papa Murphys WY005132 Front StEvanstonWY82930UINTA
El Rancho Grande Market528 County RdEvanstonWY82930UINTA
Shopko Hometown 7651080 Hwy 414Mountain ViewWY82939UINTA
Loaf N Jug 15840 Yellow Creek RdEvanstonWY82930UINTA
Wal-Mart SC 1456125 N 2nd StEvanstonWY82930UINTA
Smiths Food & Drug Center 8670 Yellow Creek RdEvanstonWY82930UINTA
Benedicts Thriftway950 State Highway 414 NMountain ViewWY82939UINTA
Daves Custom Meat Shop20 County RdEvanstonWY82930UINTA
Family Dollar Store 6882420 N 10th StWorlandWY82401WASHAKIE
Maverik 1661501 Big Horn AveWorlandWY82401WASHAKIE
Reese And Rays IGA221 N 10th StWorlandWY82401WASHAKIE
Shopko Hometown 767100 S 20th StWorlandWY82401WASHAKIE
Blairs Market1801 Big Horn AveWorlandWY82401WASHAKIE
Loaf N Jug 1571200 Big Horn AveWorlandWY82401WASHAKIE
Family Dollar Store 7127740 S Seneca AveNewcastleWY82701WESTON
Fresh Start-Newcastle 0116 W Main StNewcastleWY82701WESTON
Maverik 458500 W Main StNewcastleWY82701WESTON
Shopko Hometown 761205 Boyd AveNewcastleWY82701WESTON
Something Healthy119 W Main StNewcastleWY82701WESTON
Loaf N Jug 167731 Washington BlvdNewcastleWY82701WESTON
Woodys Food Center Inc622 W Main StNewcastleWY82701WESTON
Joes Food Center519 W Highway 16UptonWY82730WESTON
Deckers Food Center709 W Main StNewcastleWY82701WESTON

Food You Can Buy With EBT Card

If you have the Wyoming Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card, you can buy the food you need at any of the listed retailers in the Wyoming Food Stamps Stores table.

Here is a list of the food categories you can buy for your consumption at the Food Stamps retail stores that accept the EBT card:

  • Fruits and vegetables;
  • Meat, poultry, and fish;
  • Dairy products;
  • Bread and cereals;
  • Non-alcoholic beverages

Each US state offers EBT benefits cards, including the State of Wyoming. The State EBT card can be used in the local food stamps authorized retailers.

Food Stamp Stores SNAP EBT card

We accept EBT cards here!

The Food Stamps EBT card – How to Get One?

Electronic Benefits Transfer or EBT card is an automated payment system created by the federal government that is being used for distributing nutrition assistance benefits. The EBT card system facilitates food stamps benefits payments to households and individuals who qualify. Those who meet nutrition assistance and food stamps requirements are approved by the local Wyoming food stamp office and get the EBT card that can be used in all Wyoming Food Stamps Retail Stores. In other words, the EBT card helps you get your food stamps without going to the food stamp office or your mailbox.

How Do I Qualify for Food Stamps EBT card?

The first question you are probably asking yourself is: am I eligible to get Food Stamps at this time? To a large extent, you may be able to answer it by following our Wyoming Food Assistance guide. But keep in mind that your local Wyoming food stamp office makes the final decision about your food stamps eligibility and the EBT card. In fact, you will be able to find out if you will get the food stamps only after you apply and go through the full application process. The food stamps application process includes an interview and providing all required documents.

Food Stamps or SNAP nutrition assistance is probably the most popular and used assistance government program. On average, about 40 million Americans are getting food stamp benefits each month and buying food at food stamps retail stores. Here is the most recent data we have about how many people in Wyoming State get Food Stamp (SNAP) Benefits in June to buy food at Wyoming Authorized Food Stamps Stores.

Recipients in June, 2018 of Food Stamps (SNAP) Benefits in Wyoming

Recipients in June, 2017 of Food Stamp (SNAP) Benefits in Wyoming

Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St.Louis Economic Data


Approx. of the total Wyoming population received Food Stamp Benefits in 2018

Food Stamps Basic Eligibility Requirements

And unlike most government assistance programs that require extensive proof and verification, the Food Stamps Program (federally known as SNAP) is a federal entitlement program. That means there are enough food stamps for everybody that qualifies under the SNAP eligibility rules.

Three main requirements are ruling your eligibility for the SNAP food stamps benefits:

  1. Income Requirements – gross and/or net income limits
  2. Resource Requirements – cash at hand limits $2,250/$3,500
  3. Work Requirements – able-bodied adults ages 18-49 need to work

Each of the above main food stamps or so-called SNAP eligibility requirements has a long list of specifics and details. But a good starting point is the gross and net income limit that qualifies you for the food stamps or the SNAP benefits.

The Wyoming food stamp office needs to know the size of your household first. Then it looks at the gross monthly income limits and the net monthly income limits of the household. The SNAP and food stamps qualification income limits are based on the poverty line established each year. In general, the food stamps income limits are adjusted for inflation and increase each year.

Check the latest up to date SNAP Max Income for Food Stamps table. It is published each fiscal year by the Food and Nutrition Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and it is called SNAP Income Eligibility Standards.

What is the gross and net income limit that qualifies you for food stamps?

SNAP Max Income for Food Stamps
Oct. 1, 2019, through Sept. 30, 2020 

Gross Monthly
Income Limits
(130% of poverty)
Net Monthly
Income Limits
(100% of poverty)
Max Food
Benefit Monthly
Each additional member+$479+$369+$146
 Source:  USDA, SNAP Income Eligibility Standards

Keep in mind that the gross monthly income includes earned and unearned income. Earned income is the money you get from working, like your paycheck.

Unearned income includes money you are getting from sources like Cash Assistance Government Program, Social Security, Unemployment Insurance Benefits, etc.

If you are getting child support payments, you must include them in your gross income calculation. Learn more about the SNAP food stamps eligibility on the federal level here.

Other Eligibility Requirements to Get the EBT Card and Food Stamps Benefits

In addition to the three main food stamps eligibility requirements, there are so-called Other Eligibility Requirements. Notably, as a food stamps recipient, you must have a social security number and be a citizen or lawfully present non-citizen.

Different applicant categories have various additional eligibility requirements for getting food stamps benefits in their EBT card account every month.

If you are under the age of 18, pregnant, disabled, or elderly, you may be exempt from the work requirements. All others without dependents can get the food stamps and the EBT card but for a limited time – in a total of 3 months for 36 months. Here, there are exemptions also – like enrolling in a state-approved workforce program or training for a new job.

Also, each state may have additional specific requirements that must be met to qualify for food stamps and get the EBT card. Learn more about Who is eligible for SNAP benefits (Food Stamps) in Wyoming?

The SNAP or Food Stamps help specific categories of low-income individuals that need food assistance.

How to Apply for Wyoming Food Stamps and the EBT Card?

To get the EBT Card and use it in the Wyoming food stamps authorized stores first, you must get approved for food stamps benefits from the Wyoming food stamp office.

The Wyoming Department of Family Services (DFS) administers the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or the food stamps as it is generally known in Wyoming and elsewhere.

The Wyoming Department of Family Services (DFS) provides the food stamps application or the SNAP application. You can download it from the Wyoming DFS website link. You can also get it also from any local DFS offices in all Wyoming counties. Next, you must complete and sign the SNAP application for food assistance before taking it to the local DFS food stamps office. Another option is to mail your completed SNAP benefits application to the address printed on the form.

After receiving your application, a DFS worker will contact you to schedule a phone or face-to-face interview with a SNAP benefit specialist. The interviewer will go over your application, supporting documents and after the interview will determine your SNAP benefits eligibility and monthly allotments.  If approved for Wyoming food assistance, the DFS office will mail your EBT card. With the EBT card, when loaded with benefits you will be able to buy you the food you need in all Wyoming food stamps authorized stores listed on this webpage table.

Click here to find the Food Assistance office near you.

Wyoming Food Assistance Benefits

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